Victory Autowreckers

Victory Autowreckers, a local well-known auto recycling center, hired Kurzman Architecture to help plan their facility reorganization including zoning board of appeals presentation to meet new environmental regulations and improve the overall appearance, operations and safety. Zoning code analysis was conducted with the resulting plan meeting local zoning and regulatory requirements including retainage pond with oil and water separator, site lining to contain contaminants, and newly designed automobile and truck processing facility for draining fluids and removing parts for resale as well as scrap metal processing. As we continue to purchase and drive cars and trucks, this type of facility is vital to how we maximize the lifespan of our vehicles while being environmentally responsible. All parts of the cars and trucks are recycled including providing used parts to the auto repair industry and scrap metal to the auto industry. Drained fluids are also recycled for oil heat and gasoline to run the tow trucks that transport salvaged autos and trucks to their facility.