Passion Nail Spa

Personal Services

The Merchandise mall management hired Kurzman Architecture to design the relocation of the Passion Nail Salon with additional criteria of developing a space with transition and better identity with a cleaner look. Kurzman Architecture developed a design with layers into the space starting with the reception area that includes nail drying station as free advertising of the finishing touches of this nail spa. The nail salon stations and pedicure stations are now beyond a beamed portal with that screens the views with “floating” shelves on cables that hold the full kaleidoscope of nail polish colors with additional supply storage in base cabinets below. The pedicure and manicure stations each have adjacent shelving storage next to each for supplies with built-in wet towel receptacles for the pedicure stations. The layer beyond that is a private waxing room and utility room for laundry and cleaning and supply storage. New lighting with painted high ceilings give  a more expansive feel than the previous store even though the space is slightly smaller.