Century Mall

Kurzman Architecture was hired by Century Mall at 2828 N. Clark Street in Chicago to survey the existing conditions of the building and provide design options for the exterior facade, with consideration for preserving the historic terra cotta work that was in need of repair. Kurzman Architecture provided an as-built 3D model of the facility which was used in developing exterior design schemes including summary of signage options that is of high importance to any retail environment. One of the issues was that the Century Mall is much bigger than the terra cotta facade suggests, as it also includes the larger expanse of building to the north and the parking garage that serves the mall which is an exceptional and vital commodity in an urban shopping center.  Kurzman Architecture also working on documenting and permitting various projects while the exterior design was being explored including renovation of the ground floor that included new CVS tenant landlord white box and facade renovation, informed by the exterior design studies underway.